Arbortech Minigrinder – Powerful carving tool!


The Arbortech mini grinder is a power carving tool that is safe and controllable. It’s not like some power tools that feel like they’re going to get a way from you. This is basically an attachment on the body of an angle grinder. The attachment has a 2″ disc on the end. It comes with different types of disks – sanding discs, mini chainsaw chainsaw style discsand carbide tooth mini skillsaw blade disk. I mainly use it for the two carving discs.

This grinder can give you delicate details or it can hog out the wood too. It’s powerful and versatile. Sure, a carving bar on the chainsaw can do a lot of what this tool can do, but this is much easier to control than a chainsaw. The long extension provides nice reach into those hard to reach areas on a carving. Once in a while the belt will wear out and break, but they’re easy to order. I always have a back up belt just in case. I use two of these in my tool bag and love using them. Arbortech makes some high quality carving tools. I highly recommend their product line.

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