Tools for burning carvings

Here are 4 reasons why carvers burn the carvings…

1. To soften the texture to make it look more realistic

2. To clean up the wood by burning off all the “little fuzzies”

3. To add some tone to the wood to create contrast.

4. To dry out the wood to prepare it to receive the oil wood preservative


For small torches, I recommend using the yellow mapp gas torches instead of the blue canisters. The yellow mapp containers burn much hotter and faster.


For larger carvings, I recommend using a flame thrower style torch like this one that attaches to your BBQ propane tank. Burns the wood real fast and real hot. Not to mention, great for melting ice and for weeding the garden!

For your convenience, these links below will bring you to their Amazon page to learn more about them or to purchase them.

big-torch        small-torch

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