Rusted Iron Paint by Modern Masters

I have had my eye on this paint product from Modern Masters and gave it a try on a relief carving made out of HDU that I made for a recent project.


First, you apply the metal effects primer…

img_20170215_215517239  img_20170216_135354793.jpg

  Then apply the 2 coats of the iron paint…

img_20170215_201923456  img_20170215_202130840

  Then apply several coats of the rust activator spray. The rust increases with each application…



Now you have a rusted metal sculpture!!! (at least the illusion of one) 

There is one more step, a clear sealer that prevents the iron from oxidizing any more. 

I am very pleased with this product.

You can order this kit off of Amazon by clicking the following link.


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