Box of HDU scraps = Box of creative exhilaration!


Are you someone who likes to experiment with small carvings?  Or someone who likes to work out your ideas on a small scale first before you go big? Or someone who likes to create models or prototypes of designs? Perhaps you are an art teacher looking for a sculpting medium that will set your students up for success. Then a box of HDU scraps is just what you need to satisfy you and/or your students creative inspirations.


HDU stands for high density urethane. It’s simply a very rigid, dense foam. Similar to wood but without the grain. It is an absolute joy to carve. You can use simple hand tools like rasps, files, sandpaper, hand saws, chisels, etc. or power tools like dremels, sanders, chainsaws and grinders. (Mask and goggles are recommended)


HDU can be glued together with epoxy, gorilla glue or super glue to create bigger blocks.

HDU can be painted with any kind of paint after properly primed or sealed. This rusted effect was created by Modern Masters rust paint.


My shop generates quite a bit of HDU scraps that could be very useful and helpful for small scale crafters. These scraps are premium 15 lb. density that come from sheets that are quite expensive ($400 a sheet!) Here is what an average 17 x 11 x 12 box would contain. That’s about 6-9 sq. ft. of material!



These boxes of premium HDU are being sold for only $40 + shipping. Smaller or bigger quantities are available.

For more information, contact Kris Connors
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cell – 860-876-7529

This video demonstrates HDU carving.