Bronx Lighthouse Charter School Sign

A really fun sign job…

Custom Sculpture & Sign Co.

A couple years ago we had the opportunity to create two signs for the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. As a result, the principal of the Bronx Lighthouse Charter School in NYC was visiting the Ron Clark Academy and was inspired by our signs and came back to his school with an idea and he got in touch.


He sent us this concept of the anchor, wheel and his school logo.

Steering wheel sketch

We took out the chain and added textures and layers.

Steering wheel sketch with colors

Once approved, we began designing all the pieces to cut out on the CNC out of 15 lb. HDU.

After all the pieces were cut out, then the fun could begin in shaping and sculpting and assembling all the pieces.

This was a big sign. 8 ft. wide by 8.5 ft. tall with 4 layers. We had our friends at Welding Works weld up some steel c channel…

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