Custom Soaring Eagle Carving

A customer from Westerville Ohio ordered this custom soaring eagle as an accent piece to be hung under the front peak of his new backyard barn that he and his dad built.

This is carved out of a single sycamore log. The tail is the only add-on. Finished with a wood preservative and exterior solid stains.

Since the eagle is in a horizontal position, it had to be carved upside down, so I sculpted an eagle in clay to help me visualize the proportions upside down.

After roughing out the claws with the chainsaw, they were detailed with these saburrtooth burr bits.

These claws were detailed with only these two bits!

This tail was roughed out and glued on with gorilla glue…

Next, it was time to draw out and carve the feather pattern…

Woohoo! Now, one of my favorite moments, applying the oil. This makes the grain and color come alive in a wonderful way! My favorite oil is Benjamin Moore Arborcoat natural, 326-10

Next, it was flipped over and the topside was carved and oiled…

Check out this youtube video showing the timelapse footage of this carving!!

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