The largest chainsaw carved bear on the east coast!!!

The Landon School in Bethesda Maryland had to cut down a huge poplar tree. They left an 18 ft. tall stump. The school mascot is a bear so they commissioned a large kodiak bear carving. Here is the concept sketch.



This is the largest stump I’ve ever worked on. The base was 6 ft. diameter and the top was 5 ft. diameter! This tree was truly massive!!! This carving was a collaboration with my friend and fellow carver Paul Waclo –


The chains are sharp and ready to rip!!! 


We started at the top and worked our way down, finishing as we progressed. Here are some shots of the process starting with the head, then the neck/shoulders, the arms, legs/feet, and finally the base.


Photo by Phil J. Fabrizio


Photo by Phil J. Fabrizio


After 9 long days, we finished. 



Check out this time lapse footage! Click the youtube link below.

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