Custom Cherry Elephant for Private Library

This client, from Minnesota, contacted me about creating a custom elephant sculpture for the new cherry-paneled library he was building in his home. There was a wiring problem in an upper corner that could not be fixed, so he wanted the carving designed to fit into that corner, thus covering up the unsightly wiring.


He chose a trunk and tusk position, I laminated my cherry, and started blocking out.




I made a mock-up corner bracket to test the fit…


And finished!! I like how the wrinkles on the trunk turned out. The customer’s carpenter will be applying the stain and clear coat to match the rest of the library.



Do you or a loved one have a private library or special room in need of a special accent? Consider gracing it with a custom sculpture – I work in resin, ceramic, and bronze as well as wood. Please contact me with your idea!