Abstract Floral Carved Stump

A couple from Washington DC contacted me last year about carving their cherry stump. This was an incredibly unusual log! The whole surface of the log was covered with burls and knobs. Since it was so unique, we decided to highlight the natural shape of the log with an abstract floral design carved about 1/4″-1/2″ deep into the entire surface of the log. I took a trip out to DC to see the log in-person, consult with the clients, and give them some design options.

In June, my son Miciah and I packed up our tools and scaffolding and drove back out to DC to start the carving. My nephews Ian and Josiah joined us from upstate New York to help with the job.


We started by cutting the whole log down so we could carve it laying down. This would give 4 of us more access and space to carve at the same time. I cut about three feet of wood off the top to give it a more balanced look. Then, we started clearing the bark away to get down to solid wood.



Once we got down to clear wood, we started carving. I drew out the lines for the floral design on the log, and the three boys came behind me and carved them in.

Once we finished one side, we turned the log and carved the other side.

Meanwhile, Miciah cleared and prepped the spot for the final installation. We poured a concrete base over the old stump for the log to sit on.


The bottom half had some hollow areas. We cleared as much soft wood as we could out of the center of the log. Miciah power washed the whole thing, inside and out, in preparation for applying the wood preservative.

Next, we attached metal spacers on the bottom of the log to give ventilation between the concrete pad and the wood.

Finally, ready to install! We used a chain hoist to lift the log up onto the pad. Then, used concrete anchors to secure it.

Finally, we applied the stain to finish it off and preserve the wood with sun, water, mildew and bug protection.



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